On the Go Personal Training is committed to helping our
clients reach their fitness goals through instruction and
motivation.  Our training programs are created to meet
each client's individual goals.  We offer a variety of
workout options to fit our clients' schedules and
workout preferences.  We specialize in at-home training
sessions where we provide all the equipment necessary
for a total body workout.  
On the Go Personal Training, LLC
"Where we bring the gym to you!"
New Client Special

New clients get 10% off their first package with the mention of this
ad during their free consultation.
City of Chandler Recreation Classes:

I will be teaching Awesome Abs at Sneidigar Recreation Center on Tuesday evenings.  The
class consists of
30 minutes of  abdominal and low back exercises.  Please visit the
Chandler Online Registration to sign up for these classes.

What Our Clients are Saying!

"I have been working out with Stephanie since May 08.  When I started I was victim to a
stroke and fractured spine.  My balance and coordination have greatly improved and
continue every week.  I do things I didn't think ever possible again.  My overall strength
and fitness are much improved.  Stephanie custom fit my workout to my abilities and to
push through to the impossible (so I thought).  She is a lot of fun to work with and will
continue to workout for my overall well being."   
Donna  12-2009

"Stephanie has helped me challenge myself and change my workout to make it more fun
and challenging.  She really does this for sure. I am doing different things I have never
seen or done before. Helping my workout take me to a better, stronger place. Her ideas
and her boot camps are really fun !"
Darla 11-2010
On the Go Personal Training

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